CO2 is not a poison

Carbon Capture was the holy grail for politicians and those that wish to separate the cash from the people.

In practice though Carbon Capture has always been a doubtful technology potentially adding billions to our energy costs for a negative return. Even if CO2 is a danger to the environment, which is dubious, the amount created by the UK and by gas and coal generation in isolation is infinitesimal in world terms. To then load industry with serious additional costs of energy was the most incoherent policy ever devised.  Now the current government has done the maths and cancelled the project. About time most of us would say. Of course the Scottish SNP Government knows better and worse still it is the Westminster Tories that have taken away their toys. As with their support of wind and stand against nuclear and fracking, the SNP government has no joined up plausible or deliverable energy policy.

Below is a letter from Doug Brodie which is succinct and to the point. We commend it to you but suspect that neither Sturgeon, Ewing, McLeod or Stevenson will even bother to read it.


Ms Nicola Sturgeon, MSP

Mr Fergus Ewing, MSP    

Dr Aileen McLeod, MSP  

Mr Stewart Stevenson, MSP


Ms Ruth Davidson, MSP  

Mr Murdo Fraser, MSP   

Mr Willie Rennie, MSP   

Selected journalists

Fellow campaigners

Demise of Carbon Capture and Storage

I note that the SNP have been talking nonsense on the subject of carbon capture and storage (CCS). The Tories have belatedly shown some common sense by axing the £1b CCS pilot project and consigning this pointless pipe-dream to the dustbin of history. The SNP in contrast show their detachment from reality by bewailing the decision. The First Minister says the decision is “utter folly” and “downright wrong” – it is she who is diametrically wrong, and says it undermines our efforts to “tackle climate change” – the most inane mantra of our times.

I warned my MSP Energy Minister Fergus Ewing years ago that Scotland would find itself out on a limb regarding our energy supplies as it was always likely that the Tories would come to their senses sooner than the SNP (and Lib Dem/Labour) on the non-problem of non-existent man-made global warming. This is exactly what is happening. Thanks to the SNP’s climate and energy policies we are now on course (medium term) to have only a minimal indigenous dispatchable electricity generation capability, leaving us almost entirely dependent on foreigners (if the SNP ever had their way) to bail us out with backup thermal/nuclear electricity to keep the lights on when the wind stops blowing. Even then the grid capacity might not be sufficient and the English might even be unwilling to help if the SNP ranters persist with their non-stop anti-English venom. Energy is a non-devolved issue so it was always a supreme folly and conceit for Scotland to set out its own grandiose energy plans, built on foundations of sand, especially for a party bent on “independence”.

I recently sent an email to selected politicians and others to refer them to a paper I have written on the subject of our disastrous energy and climate change policies. I didn’t copy SNP or Lib Dem or Labour politicians on this (bar one or two exceptions) because I know from bitter experience that they are nearly all impervious to reasoned argument on this subject.

You can view my email here and my paper here. The following is a brief extract on the subject of hugely expensive, unsustainable carbon capture and storage, now validated by this week’s CCS decision:

“The government is paradoxically pinning its hopes on burning more, not less, finite fossil fuels reserves on electricity generation, but sequestering most of the CO2 emissions by the energy-hungry process of carbon capture and storage (CCS). In reality this is just a hugely expensive, fossil fuel squandering, potentially dangerous pipe-dream. Using CCS for saving CO2 emissions is scathingly criticised in this article by an energy analyst who describes it as “bonkers”. Drax recently pulled out of its UK CCS project and there is little or no appetite in other countries for using this technology solely for CO2 savings.”

For the sake of the Scottish people you would do well to take note, given that your energy plans are now in tatters.

Yours faithfully,

Douglas S Brodie, BSc


About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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2 Responses to CO2 is not a poison

  1. gmlindsay says:

    As usual, Doug will be ignored by omniscient politicians – who really do know everything about everything and are superior to we underlings

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