A Massacre of the Danish Climate Policy -WWF

Apologies for the Google translation but hopefully you will get the gist. The weasels are squealing whilst reality has dawned!

Danes stop energy revolution

The Danish government wants to slow down the development of wind and solar energy. It takes more coal power in purchase to “relieve economy” the.

Parts of wind turbines

No longer in demand? Parts of wind turbines in Denmark Photo: dpa

STOCKHOLM taz | “What do you actually complained,” tweeted the weekend a local politician of the Danish Left: “The government only ensures that there will be not less but more offshore wind power.One must wait until the sea level has risen correspondingly simple. “

So much gallows humor had not others. “Idiots! I’m speechless, “said the former Climate and Energy Minister Martin Lidegaard. WWF climate chief John Nordbo spoke of a “massacre of the Danish climate policy”.


The fact that the ruling in Copenhagen quite liberal Venstre wants to end the former leadership of Denmark in climate policy, was already emerging.Slices, the climate targets of previous governments had been withdrawn since last year. Late last week, came the decisive change. One of the German EEG levy similar tax, which previously co-financed the transformation of energy, shall be deleted gradually from 2017th

This “PSO levy”, from the proceeds of which green investments in wind and solar power production are supported, had been introduced already 1998th In its present form it has existed since 2007. The PSO levy is essential responsibility for ensuring that Denmark with a wind power share of over 40 percent of electricity production now Wind power “champion” is. By 2050, Denmark should even be completely independent of fossil fuels.

Internationally Competitive

The PSO levy appears on the electricity bill of all Danish households and businesses and is designed so that it at a current price reduction of 2 Öre to 1 öre (0.13 euro cents) increases, decreases accordingly at a current price increase. Converted approximately one billion euros annually flow through it at present in the state treasury. The budget gap is now open to balancing the government with a corresponding retraction in the promotion of green electricity.

Specifically, this would mean that the plans would have to be stopped for five new offshore wind farms. “Our goal, Copenhagen by 2025” CO 2 neutral “to make is sabotaged,” said Jesper Pedersen, wind power chief of Hofor, the municipal energy company complained. The millions that have already been put into planning, were thus thrown away money. From an “unimaginable energy policy breach” spoke: Ján Hylleberg, director of the Wind Energy Industry Association. The Swedish state-owned energy company Vattenfall announced that it will stop its investments in Denmark, if the government implementing its plans.

JOHN NORDBO, WWF“A massacre of the Danish climate policy”

“Venstre” establishes the energy policy pivot so that industrial electricity consumers should be relieved to be internationally competitive again. “As we anticipate increasing power consumption, there is also a growing CO2 give emissions,” said environment minister Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Denmark industry have already much lower electricity costs than comparable EU countries like Germany, however, said Brian Vad Mathiesen, a professor of energy planning in Aalborg. Pranks to the PSO levy, it’ll be a real subsidy equal. Due to the lower electricity price levels, the energy transition for Danish consumers had so far come much cheaper than originally calculated, also stressed Ex-Energy Minister Lidegaard: therefore there is no reason to cancel the PSO.


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