Moy Wind Farm executes Osprey

Moy wind farm assassinates RSPB icon. Yes that’s true. An Osprey was seriously injured by one of the Moy Turbines and the Energen employee called the SPCA who took it to the vet who had no choice, such were it’s injuries, but to euthanase it. RSPB admitted that it was only twenty miles from their Loch Garten Osprey site. (Well within the feeding range of an Osprey). The RSPB spokeswoman seemed to suggest that it was not the Turbines fault and “If Collision is confirmed as the cause of death we will work with the developer to thoroughly assess how the incident occurred” Reading the small print the developer will cross RSPB’s palms with silver. Post mortem results confirm that the bird had multiple fractures to it’s right wing which is consistent with it having collided with a wind turbine. However the Developer is awaiting toxicology reports. What does she suggest. It was high on speed and that is why it was hit by the turbine. It’s the Osprey fault and RSPB agree! The RSPB should hold their heads in shame. Protection, no! Persecution of Birds!

Legal Status – Osprey
The osprey is afforded the highest degree of legal protection under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

It is an offence to intentionally take, injure or kill an osprey or to take, damage or destroy its nest, eggs or young. It is also an offence to intentionally or recklessly disturb the birds close to their nest during the breeding season. Violation of the law can attract fines up to £5,000 per offence and/or a prison sentence of up to six months.

The Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 widens this protection and provides additional protection for the osprey in Scotland.
Protection of wildlife

(introduced by section 50)
1The 1981 Act is amended as follows.
Protection of birds: offences
2(1)Section 1 (protection of wild birds etc.) is amended as follows.

(2)In subsection (1)—

(a)after “intentionally” insert “ or recklessly ”,

(b)in paragraph (b), for “or destroys” substitute “ , destroys or otherwise interferes with ”,


Why haven’t the Police made an arrest yet? I am sure if you or I put put something that killed an Osprey we would not be treated so leniently!

And the Moy Estate has a long record. 

Moy’sTrack record!
Regular blog readers will probably remember what was found on Moy Estate in 2010:

A dead red kite in the back of a gamekeeper’s vehicle. It had two broken legs and had died as a result of a blow to the head.
The remains of a further two dead red kites.
A red kite’s severed leg, along with wing tags that had been fitted to a sateliite-tracked red kite, hidden in holes covered with moss.
Six illegal baited spring traps set in the open.
A trapped hen harrier (still alive) caught in an illegally set spring trap.
A poisoned bait.
Four leg rings previously fitted to golden eagle chicks found in the possession of a gamekeeper.
A 20-year-old gamekeeper (James Rolfe – straight out of game-keeping college) was charged with possession of the dead red kite and was fined £1,500. No charges were ever brought against anyone for any of the other offences.

Previous blogs on Moy: see here, here, here and here. It’s particularly worth having a look at this, especially in light of recent hen harrier ‘disappearances’ in England. They weren’t necessarily shot (as the grouse-shooting industry keeps telling us) – they could just as easily have been trapped like this (as the grouse-shooting industry keeps forgetting to mention).

The gamekeeper on Moy was convicted four years ago in 2011. Since then, several more satellite-tracked red kites have ‘disappeared’ since their last signals emitted from Moy, and several buzzard and goshawk nests seem to fail each year. It’s quite windy at Moy. It was probably the wind that blew off those rings from the young golden eagles’ legs and blew them straight in to a jar inside the gamekeeper’s house. It was probably the wind that severed the leg of the red kite and then blew it in to a hole on the moor and then blew moss over the hole to cover it. It was probably the wind that blew away the more recent ‘missing’ red kites. It was probably the same wind that blew holes in those buzzard and goshawk nests, too. Still no breeding hen harriers on this estate – yep, must have been blown away.




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