When people have to pay for their electric cars

You have to smile. First Egotricity starts charging electric car owners on motorways, then Donald ‘Climate Change is Scam’ Trump becomes US President and now The Highland Council is to charge electric car users 30p per kwhr for it’s hitherto free charging points. One may ask why a public body which is short of cash has been subsidising electric car owners to the tune of £14k. One may ask why self righteous eco-manic drivers should get free electricity. One may suggest that commercial operations should shoulder the cost, not the taxpayer. If you can afford an already heavily subsidised car, surely you can afford to fuel it. Problem is that commercial operations need to be commercial and the lack of interest probably reflects the lack of potential customers. Now I have seen electric car charging points at Inverness Cathedral car park, Dingwall car park, Dumnadrochit car park and Ullapool Ferry terminal. I have only ever seen one person attempting to use one once. And that was a failure as a Dutch motorist with an electric car found he couldn’t make it work. Just doing a few simple sums and if the fee is 30p per kwhr I estimate that it costs more to run an electric car with a very limited range than most petrol cars with ranges of up to 600miles. Of course in comparison to what you would pay for you electricity at home, some 13.8p per kwhr, public charging points are very expensive. 

Scale the system up and consider the length of time it takes to charge a car even at high speed charging points and I fear it is not a deliverable option. The average car takes about four minutes to fuel with petrol or diesel, and ten minutes in the queue to pay. One may question why petrol pumps don’t simply take charge cards and save the queue and the cost of cashiers. Could it be the attached shops that result in us standing behind someone who has done their weekly shop and takes ages at the cash desk? I digress! However I hope you take my point. If everyone went electric queues at re-charging points would be horrendous. What it boils down to is that fossil fuels are energy dense and deliverable. Like renewables of wind, the alternatives simply aren’t



About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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2 Responses to When people have to pay for their electric cars

  1. Contrary to what you may think I support zero emission cars for city centres. However an electric car that is only affordable with a stonking great subsidy and free electricity, never mind the cost of batteries that will need replacing every six years and the pollution creating by both mining the elements of the battery and their disposal. isn’t in my mind deliverable. Too expensive, too polluting and too long to charge. However I have pointed out before compressed air cars. Cheap to construct and cheap to buy. Can be recharged at any filling station with little modification to existing infrastructure, quick to refill and non polluting. Of course they haven’t got an electricity industry, carbon junkies and the government behind them so no chance. There are a few catches. Only really suitable in hot countries as they cannot run heaters but work fantastically as air conditioners. But then turn a heater on in an electric car and see how the range disappears.

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