Beware The Elephant Trap

A Discussion has been instigated by Doug Brodie of Nairn with the wannabee PMs and I make no apology for printing it. The drive behind wind energy is based on the Climate philosophy of a group of interested political ‘charities’ and activists. Make no mistake if they win Scotland and it’s seas will become a proverbial pin cushion of turbines of dimension previously un-imaginable. The drive to electrification and away from fossil fuels dictates the extended use of wind and solar, a technology incapable of delivering the massive growth in power supplies needed for a carbon free(??) future.

Dougal Quixote

To: Mr Boris Johnson MP, Mr Jeremy Hunt MP

bcc: Selected politicians and climate realists

Dear Messrs Johnson and Hunt,

Re: Beware the elephant trap

This is a “second barrel” follow-up to the email I sent you a few days ago warning you to beware of the politically-created elephant trap of “climate change” and of giving any off the cuff support to Theresa May’s unachievable £1 trillion “net zero emissions” plan. In fact if you have any sense you will rule it out altogether, along with the infeasible Climate Change Act 80% decarbonisation while you are about it.

Several of my highly qualified bcc addressees responded to you with their own comments which you will already have seen but the other addressees have not. I have collated these responses below together with the original email to reinforce my message on the delusional thinking amounting to self-harming lunacy of your (whichever of you inherits this mess) climate and energy policies.

We seem to be living in a post-Enlightenment age of unreason where emotions and technically illiterate wishful thinking trump hard facts and the unbending laws of engineering. Establishment politicians have created a climate change monster but will they end up being destroyed by it themselves? They don’t even realise they are hurtling towards what is sure to be a humiliating collision with reality.

Yours faithfully,

Douglas Brodie BSc



Collated responses to the original email


From Lord Lawson of Blaby,

Very sound advice.

Nigel Lawson


From Dr Euan Means of Energy Matters,

Dear Messrs Johnson and Hunt,

I endorse the advice just offered by Mr Brodie. Look around at your built environment and realise absolutely everything you see was built using energy from fossil fuels. All of our wealth and prosperity is founded on fossil fuels. Our food production is 100% dependent on fossil fuels as are the processing, distribution and retailing networks. And yet the Conservative Party is now planning to phase out the very source of our prosperity and existence.

And then look around and find anything useful ever built using only electricity from wind or solar power. It simply does not exist, it is a false and empty promise. Show me a wind turbine built using only renewable energy. Concrete, steel and neodymium are incredibly CO2 intensive to obtain. Show me a dumper truck working in a mine or quarry built from solar power. I look around and see fields of rape seed, mountains despoiled by wind turbines and increasingly, productive agricultural land given over to solar farms. I also see the poor being taxed via renewable levies to line the pockets of unscrupulous renewable energy developers. It is a downright disgrace that the Conservative Party has supported this scam.

… redacted … If I wanted to vote for Marxist policies I’d be voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

Yours sincerely,

Euan W. Mearns BSc PhD

UK Government to Announce New Energy Policies

PS note the date


From Dr Phillip Bratby,

Dear Messrs Johnson and Hunt,

As a retired physicist, who for many years studied heat transfer, fluid flow and thermodynamics, worked on complex computer models of systems of similar complexity to the climate and worked in the electricity supply industry, I fully endorse Mr Brodie’s advice to you regarding the “climate change” scam (or “climate emergency” or whatever it is termed this week) and your disastrous policy to combat this non-existent problem.

I don’t suppose that you are even aware that the only “greenhouse gas” in the atmosphere that has a significant impact on the climate is water vapour, whereas carbon dioxide has no measurable impact on the climate.  Water vapour can constitute up to 3% of the atmosphere, whereas carbon dioxide is only 0.04%, or in round terms 0%!  Good luck with trying to change the climate by reducing emissions of water vapour.

It is unbelievable that Conservative Party is in thrall to the “climate change” scam, an issue promoted by global socialists, and is prepared to kill off the economy and return the UK to pre-industrial conditions just to pander to the so-called Greenblob.

Yours faithfully,

Phillip Bratby BSc, PhD, ARCS



From Mr Paul Homewood of the award winning blog Not a Lot of People Know That,

I heartily endorse this advice from Douglas Brodie.


May I refer you to the articles I have recently posted on net zero emissions.


May I ask that you personally study the Committee on Climate Change’s Net Zero Report, which lays down how they see the UK moving to zero emissions, before the government takes further precipitate action.


Fine intentions are all well and good, but the public will be rightly furious when they find out they will have to pay the bill. Even the CCC admits the cost will rise to £50bn a year, which equates to about £1800 for every household in the country.


This figure is almost certainly a gross underestimate, as it would appear the BEIS have already worked out. For instance, the CCC’s proposals to replace gas boilers in homes with heat pumps (which cost five times as much) and hydrogen networks will, according to their own numbers, cost £28bn a year alone.


If any of this bill is picked up by the government, as the CCC suggest, this will simply divert money from areas where it is desperately needed, such as health, education and social care.


The damage to our industrial competitiveness will also be massive, as other countries have no intention of following suit.


As a very minimum, can I suggest that you formally ask the National Audit Office to verify the CCC’s costings, and produce a detailed cost and benefits analysis, before any further commitments are made.


Paul Homewood



From Mr Hugh Sharman of Incoteco,


Thanks! I admire your persistence!

You may have missed the following articles:

The massive raw materials constraints against meeting UK net zero emissions

10 years left to redesign lithium-ion batteries before global reserves run out

These data show very clearly, to anyone who takes the facts of geology and chemistry seriously, that UK’s net zero emissions target, by way of the electrification of almost everything, is simply not feasible and can not, in any case be implemented as currently advised.


From Mr Ed Hoskins of edmhdotme,

Dear Messrs Johnson and Hunt,


I wholly endorse the views expressed by my colleague Douglas Brodie in his excellent email: “Beware the elephant trap”. You will be putting the future prosperity of the UK at risk if you disregard what he has to say.


In contrast to your obsession with global warming, the prospect of the earth moving in a cooling direction is something to be truly worried about, both for the biosphere and for mankind.


According to the Ice core records, our precarious Holocene interglacial has been cooling since before Roman times.  Spending any effort, let alone GDP scale costs, trying unilaterally to stop something that has not been happening for the last three millennia is monumentally stupid.


As for your futile, failing attempts to decarbonise the UK economy, let me refer you to my recent website paper:


Yours faithfully,


Ed Hoskins BDS (Lond) B.Arch Dip. Arch MA Cantab. RIBA


To: Mr Boris Johnson MP, Mr Jeremy Hunt MP

bcc: Selected politicians and climate realists

Dear Messrs Johnson and Hunt,

Beware the elephant trap

Congratulations on reaching the last two of the prime minister contest and may the best man win.

I would like to caution you both to play down the politically-created elephant trap of “climate change”. You might even dare to question it against the current hysteria of striking brainwashed school children. It would be prudent to backtrack on the support you casually gave on the recent BBC TV debate for the unachievable £1 trillion “net-zero emissions” policy which Theresa May wants to lumber us with without any mandate.

The fact is that on current climate and energy policies it will only take a multi-week period of no wind and no sun in cold midwinter such as we had in 2010 to bring the country to its knees. Blinkered pursuit of these policies is sure to end in tears.

Establishment politicians seem not yet to have twigged that the same leftist elitist internationalist thinking that caused them to be so out of touch with the electorate on Brexit has led them to make the same mistake on man-made global warming (or “climate change” to use the propagandist modern parlance). It is evident that establishment “Project Fear” propaganda has driven both campaigns.

The facts show that global temperatures have shown sustained warming for a span of little more than 20 years (centred on the 1980s and 90s) out of almost the last 75 years. It beggars belief that the entire man-made global warming scare is founded on a brief spurt of warming at the end of the last century which has since levelled off and which in any case was most probably due to natural causes.

Our unilateral decarbonisation efforts are totally futile and irrelevant on the world stage. Global emissions have been on a rising trend for decades driven by steadily increasing global energy consumption and there is no possibility of this global trend changing in the foreseeable future no matter what unilateral tinkering we undertake here in the UK.

The stark truth is that the world is collectively 85% dependent on fossil fuels for the energy needed to sustain our current civilisation while the global contribution from intermittent wind and solar is little more than negligible at 1.2%. Anyone who believes that these global engineering realities can be utterly transformed in a few short decades is living in cloud cuckoo land.

I have recently posted online two short pieces summarising the delusional thinking amounting to self-harming lunacy of our current climate and energy policies. I would urge you both to read them and share them with your colleagues. They are:

Arguments against alleged man-made global warming and its impossible so-called solution


Arguments against a net-zero emissions policy

My stance is not wholly negative as I support adopting a more rational climate policy of adaption as and when necessary, as Lord Lawson has advocated for many years.

Yours faithfully,

Douglas Brodie BSc

Nairn, 21/6/19

About Dougal Quixote

Slightly mad. Always believes a cup is half full so continues to tilt at Wind Turbines and the politicians that seem to believe it is their god given right to ruin Scotland for a pot of fool's gold.
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1 Response to Beware The Elephant Trap

  1. Charles Wardrop says:

    Well said indeed, Dougal.
    Vitally important to get the UK “great and the good” to retreat from this rerun of the Darien Scheme fiasco, year 1695, which bids foul to ruin the Western world, bar the USA, who have opted out.
    The best known UK politico to recognise the craziness is Nigel Farage!

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