Study of any subject is so much easier now with the Internet. Availability of information has not really been understood by many Politicians or for that matter many Journalists. We are all better informed and better able to question the statements made both in the Media and in Parliament. Information is now in sound bites. Spin in other words. Those with an enquiring mind look to substantiate or challenge this spin. During the debate on Wind and Climate Change we are continually told of a Consensus of opinion. Both in Science and Journalism, Consensus is a word that should never be used. Half an hour on the Internet and the Consensus disappears. The hectoring tones of the believers alerts us to the fact that something is not right. However the Internet is snack food, a short precis of fact. Some reports are there in a steady deluge of pages but for many of us, we still enjoy a good book and the ability to read and re-read, to fully devour the words. It is for this reason that I intend to list a number of tomes which I have enjoyed. From the basis of electrical power in the Highlands, the Hydro, to a variety of connected issues with Wind and Alternative Energy. Please feel free to add your suggestions. Click for Amazon Books

<a href=”When will the Lights go out? (Independent Minds)""“>–  Derek Birkett


<a href=”The Wind Farm Scam (Independent Minds)""“> – John Etherington

Dr. John Etherington wrote what it perhaps the bible of Wind Doubters. Well researched and well presente in is a detailed scientific analysis of the problems of wind generation and why it is a destructive rather than constructive force. Recommended read.


So Much WindSo Much Wind – Struan Stevenson

This book seeks to evaluate the Scottish Government’s obsession with renewable energy, while at the same time looking at alternative sources of power that may prevent the lights going out across Scotland.

A thought-provoking, meticulously researched book, “Energy and Climate Wars” will help readers grasp the issues at stake and understand how energy and climate policy directly affect their lives with higher energy prices and security threats.

Birlinn Books –

Wind Turbine Syndrome  Nina Pierepoint  (US)

A medical analysis that drives a coach and horses through the Renewables statements that there are no adverse health effects from wind turbines.

<a href=”When One Door Closes""– Peter Sissons

Ever suspected that the BBC was a little bit on the side of the Wind Farm Industry and Climate Change. This book exposes the hypocracy of those that will inform and educate us, but only if it is in the Guardian or Independant. Probably put you off watching the BBC for life! However this book is more than a tirade against certain elements of the Beeb and as much about his upbringing in the mean streets of Liverpool, his opportunities and his wide range of contacts. Not everyone was at school with two of the Beatles and Jimmy Tarbuck. It really has been a “lucky” life.

<a href=”Energy and Climate Wars: How Naive Politicians, Green Ideologues, and Media Elites are Undermining the Truth About Energy and Climate""“>- Peter C Glover

Using facts and empirical science, Peter Glover and Michael Economides show how most of the battle over energy and climate issues are the works of political and ‘green’ ideologues bent on social engineering programs

<a href=”The Dam Builders: Power from the Glens""“>- James Miller

Before Wind Farms we had the Hydro. Ambitious men and promises broken. Does our present First Minister wish to be remembered as the Tom Johnstone of Wind. This should be a warning of what happens when Government makes decisions for the greater good. A few people get wealthy and for the rest their quality of life goes forever.

<a href=”An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming""“>- Nigel Lawson

An ex Tory Minister who has done a great analysis of the Global Warming debate and debunks the “Science” professionaly and succintly. This book surprised me as the writings of many ex ministers can be extremely boring. Not so this book.

<a href=”Climate: the Great Delusion (Independent Minds)""“>-Christian Gerondeau

An Engineer by profession, he is particularly unimpressed by windmills as a power source (displacing supermarkets as the cathedrals of our time perhaps?)

A book to remind us what is behind us and what should be before us. A classic in it’s time! Buy Here

Power Hungry The myths of Green Energy and the real fuels of the future. Perhaps more closely attuned to US interests, this book does develop on a world wide stage. This is a very detailed and knowledgable dissection of the facts of power today and the possibilities of power in the future. Definitely a thought invoking read. Power Hungry by Robert Bryce

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  1. How about “Watermelons”: see I have just finished it. The killer question he poses= ” If they are right, why are ‘The Warmists’ so utterly reluctant and/or seemingly unable to silence their ‘deniers’ with fact and science instead of resorting to personal invective and ‘dirty tricks ? Most of us are now of an age when we no longer accept something is true simply ‘because Mummy says it is”, especially as so many of us have caught out Mummy being wrong? I bought my copy thru , so you might like to add it to your Associates Programme?

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