Educating our Children or Frightening them to Death!

There have been various reports written of late about the effect of indoctrination on young minds. Children, instead of enjoying their few years of youth, are now bombarded by a phalanx of well meaning educators who parrot the sins of the parents be it five a day, obesity, smoking, paedophilia and Climate Change. So many of these seemingly well meaning invasions of the class room are actually paid for and supported by global industries. I recently came across what I considered a pretty awful and irresponsible photograph of primary children hugging a turbine. Firstly this is crass indoctination and secondly a turbine is a potentially dangerous and industrial environment. Would you allow your children to play on a building site or walk around a working factory? I hope not. France places a 500m exclusion around turbine and the US and Canada are considering and in local cases have imposed a 350 ft zone. They do this from experience and with safety in mind and yet our children’s teachers consider it appropriate to allow young children to hug a turbine. These are not safe environments for children. It is therefore inappropriate to encourage children to do this. Do you let your child play on the railway line? Ice fall and equipement malfunction can and do cause injuries, sometimes fatal. Those towers are producing up to 3mw of electricity. On this particular issue I refer you to you will immediately notice is funded by the wind industry! Does this same education extend to wildlife attrition, damage to water courses and the ecology by the insertion of thousands of tons of concrete. Does it discuss the health issues caused by flicker and noise on ordinary people and the stress caused to often elderly people, possibly these same children’s grandparents, that find the drop in value of their properties cause them to become imprisoned in a nightmare. These same children’s parents may well have invested everything in properties now blighted by the close prescence of wind farms. This

Is this on the syllabus?

divison created between family and school reminds me of the 10/10 film of exploding children in the classroom. This is 1984 come a bit late.

The other aspect of this is the effect on the children. Many parents may have diametrically oposite views to those espoused as may some teachers. The fracture of beliefs may have a very harmful effect on young minds. Only recently two young girls took there own lives after following a TV program where the “heroine” is faced with being taken into care. Young minds are impressionable and we should take great care how we try to influence them. One of the two greatest worries for the future cited by under six year olds is climate change, an unproven and debatable philosophy espoused by the IPCC, jumped on by european interests, (who are the largest manufacturers of turbines?) and become almost a religion with the DECC and certainly Holyrood.

Education or Indoctrination

Head of the IPCC, The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Pauchari, the much discredited Chairman but still hanging on there, stated “Children…I think we have to Sensitise the young……They will probably shame adults into taking the right steps” Well, The Scottish Government is doing it with enthusiasm. Financed by Highland and Islands Enterprise, a government financing body with the support of the Renewable Industry and through a subsiduary organisation called Hi-energy, they are issuing “Fact” sheets to our Forms P6 and P7, age 10-11years, junior school children. These are highly slanted towards the renewable industry and are full of dubious statements. However some of their conclusions as to negative impacts are very similar to our own and run contrary to the spin of Scottish Renewables. Like always, but unlike the Government, we are bringing these to you to form your own opinions.

The Renewable Wind Factsheet

The Renewable Green Factsheet

and for the

Climate Change and Education

I have a great concern and it is the indoctrination of our youngsters in schools with the concerns of Climate Change. The two biggest worries that children have according to research are wars and climate change. Some years ago the IPCC said that it was imperative to “sensitize” children to Climate Change so that they could enforce their “views” on the parents. sounds awfully like mind control to me. Essentially the way that Climate Change is brought into nearly every lesson would not be allowed in Prisons without being referred to the European Court of Human Rights, but we allow it in our schools. For the last three years education packs on renewable, with nice wind turbine models, have been provided to all youngsters. In the Highland region that is now being surplanted with more education packs for P6 and P7 financed by HIE and Highland Council. However they do not allow voice to those that challenge the orthodoxy. Education should be a balance of information. If there is such a Consensus of agreement on Climate Change why are so many scientists vociferous in their opposition. Science is surely the continued challenging and revisiting of doctrines to improve and understand. Therefore consensus is a word that should never be used in Science. In this case I think that balance is sadly lacking. On a recent march against wind farms in Edinburgh it was noticeable that most people were happy to take and consider our leaflets. Youngsters however would not even look at them and in many cases showed open hostility. Does this concern you?

Another article in the Mail has just been published about the Climate Change Lies in the new Times Atlas of the World. It is a disgusting attempt to indoctrinate a new generation by twisted truths and blatant manipulation of fact. Global Warming and the Twisting of Children\’s Minds

A few comments on the Daily Mail article:

The biosphere is so huge that scientists across many disciplines disagree on how huge. As someone wrote if we think we can change or control climate, then we’re like the flea on the back of the elephant which thinks it can control in which direction the elephant goes


The world has had warm periods and it’s had cold periods (AKA Ice ages). It’s a natural phenomenon. Are all the dogmatic fanatics who are trying to blame it on Man’s influence saying that they will prevent the climate ever changing again? Well, it will change, whatever we do, and we should all be thankful that we live in an age when it’s getting warmer and not colder

IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Control. Synonym. PPPPP – People in Power who Peddle Pure Poppycock. I have read some of the available information on the subject. From the experts who disagree, facts, figures and illustration. From the IPCC authoritive sounding assertions. I heard it the other day from the evangelist Mr. Huhne, but he has the power and position. There has never been such a dumbing down of reason and fairness since Charles1st. dissolved Parliament. There has never been a balanced debate among equals, and the 2008 Act was passed by people who heard only what they wanted to hear (money) by propaganda and pathological denial. Now the money men are in on the act, I suspect it will be a ‘settled science’. until the next ice age

 Can you please explain why James Hansen’s 1988 model predictions of temperature increases have failed to be matched by real world observations. Why the models, again, predicted increases in sea temperatures which ARGO has failed to find and why there is no hot spot in the troposphere, another triumph for the computer predictions.  Tell us where, in the peer reviewed literature, it has been proven that the observed warming during the 20th century was anthropogenic in origin and why you think the null hypothesis isn’t valid

Life is too short to worry about climate change. It changes so slowly as to not be noticeable in a lifetime so each generation thinks that the climate they are born into is the right one. We only hear about the disadvantages of global warming. Here is a huge advantage; longer growing season, more food.
Someone please find out who suggested telling primary 6 kids that the first dog in space, Laika, came back to Earth alive and wagging his tail. My daughter is doing a project on the solar system, complete with an alien invasion and that happy Russian dog-in-space story. She also thinks that Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast caused panic in Fife, Scotland because teacher’s granny was one of the kids who ran away after listening to it. All quite funny but turns into a right pain when your own child believes the teacher over the correct story

Global warming and the EU have this in common. Whenever inconvenient facts are presented they ignore them and carry on



13 Responses to Educating our Children or Frightening them to Death!

  1. Brenda says:

    This brainwashing of children is terrifying – just had this link via Google emailed alerts

    They don’t even pretend to be impartial:
    “We want to promote wind energy to ensure it becomes a common energy source in the minds of primary and secondary level students which will enhance their and Ireland’s prospects of building a wind economy in Ireland. With this course we hope to transfer wind knowledge from children back to the home and from teachers to parents. But most importantly we wish to inspire the younger population to continue studies in wind energy to be gainfully employed and grow the wind industry in the medium to long term.”

  2. Lyndsey says:

    This is frightening. They seem proud of pointing children towards an energy source that has been shown to be unreliable and uneconomic. Not sure what hope our children have in learning the truth while this sort of thing is permitted.

  3. reneee says:

    McDonald’s did it. The HPV vaccine promoting pharmaceutical companies did it. Coca Cola did it. Just to name a few ‘familiar’ ones. It is not about education or bettering the world. It is all about big companies making lots of money, and we all know the easiest consumers to convince are children.
    Interesting that wind farm developing companies have to stoop to the same levels as multi-national companies representing some of the most controversial and questionable products of our lifetime, in an effort to gain public support. That sort of education is nothing more than fear-mongering (much the same as with the promotion of the HPV vaccine), and like any form of bullying it should not be permitted in schools or any facilities for children where there is not readily availalbe, or easily accessed alternative viewpoints on such contentious topics.

  4. Despite Health and Safety issues and dubious statistics, schools are still embracing wind. Teachers support this often against opposition from Parents. They consider that they are doing “The Green Thing” When can HC wake up and smell the coffee. Look at this flyer. Luckily in this case there are some knowledgeable parents who are able to ridicule the statistics and oppose the proposal.

    Click to access halkirk_primary.pdf

  5. Link Birds with education here.

    In pursuit of indoctrinating the next generation, the DECC knows no shame. In this case the proof of the incompatabilty of wind turbines and birds was brought into stark relief as the head teacher had to come in each morning early to collect the dead birds. Something most wind farm operators no doubt know well about!

  6. Just had an email from one of our supporters in Caithness.
    Also item in today’s local paper saying parents at Halkirk Primary are very upset because they are losing a popular teacher as part of cost-cutting. Could this be the same Halkirk Primary where parents are objecting to an expensive wind turbine? Surely not ! Wonder if they were given the choice – teacher or turbine. Doubt it somehow. Funnily enough my own local school which now has a turbine is also short of teachers. Of course the fact that the Chair of the Council’s Culture, Education and Sport Committee (one of our local councillors) is passionately in favour of wind energy could be something to do with it.

  7. Even the historical ones bite back! From David Blackmore – Wisbech Standard

    CHILDREN narrowly escaped serious injury after a sail came loose from a Fenland windmill and sent debris flying to the ground.

    And the family who run the windmill praised their daughter for risking her own safety by racing to put on the windmill’s brake.

    A party of 29 Year One pupils and staff from Clenchwarton Primary School were enjoying a visit to Denver Windmill near Downham Market yesterday when the incident happened.

    Mark and Lindsay Abel, who rent the six-storey building from the Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust, have been praised by the school for acting quickly to ensure people were taken to safety.

    Mrs Abel said: “It was very dramatic. The sails were working fine one minute and the next one came loose and sent bits of the windmill and tiles from a nearby roof all over the site.

    “There was a group of around 10 pupils in the back yard while this was all happening and they were no more than six feet away from the falling debris.

    “It’s a miracle nobody was seriously hurt considering the extent of the damage to the sail, windmill and nearby building.

    “My daughter risked her life to run through the yard where the debris was flying to put on the brake and now the sail is wedged under another sail but still dangerously dangling overhead.”

    “We have now made sure the site is safe and we are not allowing anyone in the back yard.”

    Georgie Earl, acting head, said: “My staff was full of praise for the Denver Windmill staff for their quick thinking and for being so calm.

    “The reaction of the children was more of ‘wow that happened when we were there’ rather than being spooked.

    “Our staff was, however, a bit shaken when they went to leave the building and they could see where the children had eaten their packed lunches only an hour before was now covered in debris.”

    Denver Mill one of the country’s last working windmills and has towered over the Fens, south of Downham Market, since 1835.

    The windmill was given to the county in 1969 and sold to the trust by Norfolk County Council before the Abels took over the mill complex in 2008 to promote and preserve traditional country life.

    In June 2009, the iconic landmark had two “rotten and dangerous” sails removed and was given a new lease of life when two new sails were installed last April. It is believed the faulty sail was not one of the new sails.

    But Mrs Abel continued: “We can’t get a crane out here until next Thursday to sort this so my son, who is a millwright, is coming over to make the site safe and will probably strap two sails together for the time being.”

    The Health and Safety Executive is considering whether or not to investigate this incident.

  8. A letter sent to the EU Energy Commissioner, Gunther Oettinger, recently stated:
    Incidents in the UK include heavy parts falling from wind turbines into primary school playgrounds in Bucks and Bo’ness, a blade falling into Raasay Primary school playground in the Highlands and an entire wind turbine toppling over into Fakenham High School’s field.

  9. John Shade says:

    I share your concern over what is being done to children in schools in the name of environmental activism, where it would seem the creation of new recruits for ‘the cause’ is far more important that the wellbeing, intellectual and in other respects, of the children. Fear is deployed as a motivator. It would be despicable even if the science was sound. But it is not. From the misleading analogy with greenhouses, through to several already verifiable alarmist predictions which have been refuted by observations, the science is very frail indeed. The climate system continues to behave, as it has in the past, as if additional amounts of airborne CO2 were of very little consequence to the system. They are clearly not drivers of it, as some seem to fervently wish to believe for their own ends.

  10. I am glad for commenting to let you know of the really good discovery our daughter gained browsing your webblog. She even learned too many pieces, not to mention what it’s like to possess a very effective teaching style to let many more really easily comprehend certain tortuous issues. You truly surpassed her expected results. Many thanks for displaying the helpful, dependable, educational not to mention unique guidance on the topic to Tanya.

  11. From Australia comes news that the reaction to the challenge to the rise of Wind Farms which has become very heated of late is being countered by a campaing of propaganda that would have made Goebbels pround. See this Blog for the unvarnished truth.

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