The Blimp

A Blimp, a mini barrage balloon, was flown adjacent to the Druim Ba proposed wind farm site. Grid Ref: NH534369  Please send us information of where you saw it from preferable with grid ref or GPS co-ordinates. For more Blimp Pictures Click

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And if that isn’t bad enough, one should be mindful of the 207 heavy loads, that is 414 return loads needed for this wind farm factory if approved. To get some idea this is a video from Barnstaple in Devon and the roads are very much wider than Beauly. Imagine the problems of getting 414 lorries of this size over the Beauly Rail and Lovat Bridges and around the corner from the Inverness Road into the Drumnadrochit Road. It simply does not add up.

For those that wonder about the capacity of local minor roads to absorb this level of traffic you may find this flyer of interest. Druim Ba Continuing

2 Responses to The Blimp

  1. On a visit to the Fairburn Wind Farm organised by DBSE we wer informed that there had only been one complaint as to noise at the very onset and none since. From this post by Roy Barker, may we suggest that they were economical with the Truth:
    It is at long last good to see that Highland Council are doing some thing about the noise from the Turbines. Here at Scatwell beneath the Fairburn Turbines we have been complaining about the noise for over a year and in February the put to noise monitors in two gardens, considering that we have been telling them that the worst of the noise is from any where in a Southerly direction we wondered why they were doing it. They have never taken readings during a (Quiet) period prior to the building application or before they were operational. Living in the Glen there can be no wind but on the Plateau in can be blowing strong and the continuos low drumming noise makes it so as you can not sit outside and at night you can not have the windows open. These Companies are only interested in what they can get out of the Public Purse not in the people themselves. Highland Council are now looking into these problems but the only thing that will stop this noise is to take them down. We are only two kilometres away, Scottish Government say that properties within two kilometres and out with must be taken into account when siteing Wind Farms. Enough is enough please give us back the Quality of life that has been taken away from us.

  2. Druim Ba – Wind Farm application by DBSE

    Stop Press News: Planning officer recommends Objection to Section 36. Planning Committee to meet for site visit 20.08.11

    Click to access druim-ba-report.pdf

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