The Cost of Generating Electricity

A very good place to start Cost_of_Generating_Electricity[1]

2 Responses to The Cost of Generating Electricity

  1. Posted by “Tested” NE Scotland in the Scotsman in response to an article praising Denmarks green credentials:
    Amazing how you can put a spin on a disaster and make it look like a success story. First the amount of renewable enrgy quoted is installed capacity but given that Denmark’s onshore efficiency for wind generation is circa 15 – 20% and not necessarily when needed then that figure is a fairytale. Danish consumers pay the highest electricity bills in europe if not the world. They have to dump electricity at no cost (the Norwegians were actually wanting to charge them to take it). Despite their windmills Denmark has some of the highest emmissions per capita in europe and still rising. The danes have stopped building onshore in response to protests from the population. In denmark if your house is situated near a windmill you are compensated for any loss in value(dont see anyone rushing to implement that here). The danes spend millions promoting their windmills in the uk. And the fact that the danes, germans, spanish and now the chinese have such a hold of the global windmill market it is highly inlikely that “johnny come lately’s” like Scotand are going to have an impact.

    So, what was so great about windpower in Denmark? It should serve as a lesson because despite being part of the european grid and having access to Norwegian and Swedish pumped storage it was a big fail and should be a lesson to Scotland that we, without the infrastrucure benefits that Denmark has, are on a hiding to nothing. if we follow the windpower route.
    The original article:

  2. There is an excellent website, by a Dutch engineer, the late Dr. Halkema
    My own criterion for the uselessness of wind energy is the utter lack of correlation between increases of wind energy production, and any drop in overall fossil carbon (gas turbine + coal) in the electricity statistics.

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