Tourism Scotland Survey 2011


Email address:


Name of wind farm(s) located near your home/accommodation:

How close are the nearest turbine(s)?

Height of turbines:

Number of turbines:

How long has the wind farm been up and running?

1. Are you the owner of a Tourism Business?

Hotel, B&B, Guesthouse, Café, Gift Shop, Caravan Site, Chalets?

How has your Business turnover been affected?

How has the value of your premises been affected?

Do you think business will improve/get worse?

2. Are you a visitor to Scotland?

Holiday home, caravan/tent or rented accommodation?

Will wind farms effect your choice of destination?

How regularly do you visit Scotland?

Have you ever moved holiday accommodation because of the proximity of a wind farm?

. . . . . . . . .

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to provide any other information about Tourism that you feel could be helpful in this report.

Please return to me at

or send to John Graham, Cluanie Farmhouse, Teanassie, Highlands, IV4 7AE

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