Tourism – The Future?

Tourists are definitely not fans of wind farms.


Loch Ness from 2000ft above the Monadliaths


Inverness Courier – 26th July 2011 – Letters


Although I am a great admirer of Willie Cameron (Loch Ness Marketing) and his stalwart efforts past and present to promote tourism in this part of the world, his personal view that wind turbines on every horizon will enhance the flow of visitors to the Loch Ness area (Courier 12/7/11) I find hard to comprehend.

Speaking to many guests from Europe – especially Dutch and Danes whose countryside is now blighted to saturation point with these machines – I find that many will be reluctant to return to the Highlands if the visual wildness of the scenery is compromised much more.

The Highland tourism industry has always marketed this beautiful place as one of the last wilderness areas of Europe. A future with an industrial scale development defacing every picturesque view of the uplands does not fill me with confidence for the tourist trade in this area.

Facts and figures about the inefficiency of these generators are only now coming to light. And indeed many countries which were in the forefront of wind power are now having second thoughts.

Without massive subsidies(from Joe Public through surcharges on our electricity bills) wind generation would not even be considered. Joe Public thinks it is his moral duty to accept the desecration of his landscape and his wallet because he has, over the years, been drip-fed propaganda from the powerful Global Warming lobby.

But as we have seen in recent days, An unholy trinity of politicians, police and press have been pulling the wool over our eyes. Fortunately they have now been rumbled, but we still have an unholy trinity of politicians, big business and rich landowners doing the same thing, with every working family having to pick up the tab when they pay their electricity account.

I can well envisage someone of a future enlightened generation standing on a mountain top amid the rusting remains of windmills and the thousands of tons of decaying concrete of a long abandoned wind farm.

They will wonder at the folly of their ancestors in squandering so much of the nation’s wealth on such an act of environmental vandalism for so little benefit.

Alan Darbyshire,

Kilmore Farmhouse B&B,


Info on Braes of Doune Wind Farm overshadowing Stirling Castle

2 Responses to Tourism

  1. Fact: The Borders of Scotland report serious decline in Tourism this year and shortening of stays.
    Fact: The Borders have a large number of Wind Farms built in the last Year

    Fiction: Scottish Government report says that Wind Farms don’t effect Tourism

    Conclusion: The Visitors said that they enjoyed their visit and liked the people. You choose why they aren’t coming and when they do they stay for shorter periods. Could visual pollution have something to do with it. Do you believe fact or fiction?

  2. House of Lords
    Lord Cormack (Conservative)

    My Lords, does my noble friend agree that the millions of tourists who come to enjoy our great heritage assets and our beautiful countryside do not, as a rule, come to admire burgeoning wind farms? In view of the very questionable benefit to our energy supplies that these monstrosities produce, will my noble friend talk to her colleagues in the appropriate departments to ensure that tourism is not killed off by turbines?

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